Lee Bo Young wil star in SBS "God’s Gift – 14 Days"

Upcoming Drama with Lee Bo-yeong coming in February 2014

Actress Lee Bo-yeong is coming back with the new SBS mini-series, “God’s Gift – 14 Days”. She recently starred in the SBS drama “I Hear Your Voice”. Apparently, Lee Bo-yeong is the current blue chip of the entertainment biz and she thought hard about the offer and decided to star in “God’s Gift – 14 Days”.

“God’s Gift – 14 Days” is a time slip drama about a mother who lost her child, going back to the past. She travels back in time to save her child. This drama was initially known as Two Weeks and Mother but after 2 years of repetitive meetings and discussions, a title change is ready to be released in public.
Filming for the drama will start in January. “God’s Gift – 14 Days” will be broadcasted in February.

Source: Sports.hankooki.com and Hancinema

My thoughts: She is definitely not taking off too much time to be with hubby. But then, these two have been together for years! But ANOTHER time slip drama?!! It might be time to come up with something else. This sounds like a mix of Two Weeks meets Time Cop (in a sense). We will see. Not a big Lee Bo Young fan as IHYV was the first drama that I liked her character (Man of Equator I liked for other reasons). We will see f I can squeeze this in as other dramas will likely drop off my PTW list!


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