Ugly Alert-Best Family Drama for 2013 Review

A Review and Retrospect of the Best Family Drama for 2013….HANDS DOWN!!
My labor of love. I want to share with anyone following my blog. Please read. I really wanted to make sure that I shared this drama with EVERYONE because it really was well done; well acted and just an all-around good story!!!!
For more pictures, check out my Pinterest collection or my previous blog post, Drama Thoughts on Ugly Alert

7 thoughts on “Ugly Alert-Best Family Drama for 2013 Review

  1. Yeah I know it’s 2016 now. In fact it’s almost 2017! I discovered Ugly Alert (thanks to your recommendation here! I can’t thank you enough!) very very late but so true the saying ~ better late than never! What a GEM this is!

    This is my first Daily drama. 133 episodes! Boy oh boy! Who would’ve thought! I steer clear such dramas usually…apart from the obvious fact that they’re just too darn long there’s also this impression I have that Korean daily dramas are tier 3 stuff compared to thier 16-20 episode counterparts. Low cost productions with cheap props and echoey sound recording. Not forgetting also poor taste in costumes and unfamiliar faces with 2nd tier acting abilities. I’m thinking Taiwanese Hokkien dramas. Ewwwweeee!! Never ending torment!!

    How wrong I am on this. Ugly Alert is nothing like I’ve described. It’s just amazing! Your detailed write up on the show just about convey my sentiments exactly so no need for me to repeat the praises. I guess the revelation for me about these long dramas for me is how deprived I was when watching the shorter dramas where it comes to character development and romance development. Especially when the main leads have such incredible chemistry together, there just isn’t enough screen time to showcase the romance in a regular length drama. Ugly Alert had so so much lovey dovey scenes (and I’m not complaining one bit)that they could afford to be mundane and mild. In fact when the 2 leads are together, it’s not always a romantic scene which is fine considering there is so so so many more opportunities for that later! Conversely, short drama always develop romance between the leads very abruptly. Love scenes are dramatic or unusual to convince viewers that there is romance becoz there’s just too little time.

    So I love it! I love everything about the show! If I can have it my way, then I’d want to add another 7 episodes to see the characters till they are old. Can’t believe I want that! Hahaha.

    Anyway thanks so much New Drama Addict for introducing me to UA! Are you still watching such dramas btw? Please do. And write more. Love your write ups! Take care!

    1. I am ALWAYS happy when someone is happy about my recommendations! UA was a joy to watch and as you said “Better late than never!!” It’s funny that you thought that the Korean dramas are like Taiwanese Hokkien dramas; far from it! Some of these actors gravitate and prefer the longer format and those of us that watch them know these stars intimately! Unfortunately, not all dailies are good. As a matter of fact, UA is a rarity; however, I try to review every single daily that I watch and besides Thai dramas, the daily drama posts are the most popular! Don’t forget to check out my other rated dailies. There are some other gems (of sorts) and some serious duds to avoid! But you know what the beauty of daily dramas are now? SO MANY ARE GETTING SUBBED NOW! I’m overwhelmed and way behind in my reviews!! Look for Heaven’s Promise and Tomorrow Victory posts to come! Thanks for reading and keep checking!

  2. Wow! So happy and surprised to see yr response. I tot this may be a defunct website since the latest daily drama seemed to be a 2015 one. Anyway can I take the opportunity to ask you to recommend another daily Drama that equals or is better that UA please? U see, the other thing I realised about daytime drama is, it comes with serious withdrawal symptoms after the drama ends. Ha ha ha. I mean when u watch 133 episodes of a series you’d more or less get attached to it.

    So, pray share your recommendation please any Korean daily drama or non daily drama would be great!

    1. Okay, there are none to rival but there are some that are very good! King’s Daughter is EXCELLENT and also in a class by itself. Lots of romance! Lots of angst! Lots of funny moments all in one drama! While everyone was watching Empress Ki, I dropped that for this! Also, Tomorrow Victory is decent as well as Eve’s Love. Those both fit in the usual daily drama category but are good anyway. A Daughter Just Like You is also very, very good! Start with King’s Daughter and at least with only 108 ep, it won’t be as long but you will still feel like it should have been longer!! Let me know! I have reviews for all of those! Several for King’s Daughter in fact! 2016 dramas, I’ve yet to write a single review. I’m really behind in my blogging on those!!

      1. Alright! I know I’ll be busy this holiday period! Going to take up yr recommendation straight away! Thank you so much for sharing. I’ll be back soon!!

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