What I’m Watching, November 2013 Edition

Bravo My Life/Ugly Alert

People, who have different lives, become a family because of their parents. They sometimes look down on other family members and jealous of other family members. Through all of this, they get to understand each other and cure their wounds. A man, in particular, goes through infinite sacrifices.

Im Joo Hwan as Gong Joon Soo
Kang So Ra as Na Do Hee
Choi Yoon Young as Gong Jin Joo
Choi Tae Joon as Gong Hyeon Seok
Shin So Yool as Shin Joo Yeong
Seol Hyun as Gong Na Ri
Kim Young Hoon as Han Seo

 What do I like about it: Im Joo Hwan was the main reason why I wanted to watch this. I’ve been saying for awhile that he needed to have his leading role drama! So far, it is very good! His character, Joon Soo, is probably one of the sweetest, wronged person you’ll ever see in a drama. His love for his family of siblings cannot be compared. His story has got to be one of the saddest but his heart is so pure. The romance between Joon Soo and Do Hee, so far, is very cute. Sure, there is definitely going to be some interference from other characters, especially his step brother, Hyeon Seok and BY Group attorney, Han Seo who basically thinks he owns Do Hee. So the arrogant butt in this story, for once, is not the lead. The female is a strong, let me say it again, STRONG female!

The Daughter of the Emperor, Su Baek Hyang
The Daughter of the Emperor, Su Baek Hyang

“The Daughter of the Emperor” is the life story of Soo Baek-Hyang and her family during the Baekjae times. This is the story of Su Baek-hyang, born as the elder daughter of King Mu-ryeong but unable to retain her title of princess due to her ambitious younger sister, Sol-hui. Humble and hard-working, she was taught never to want or to desire beyond what she has, but the fate given to her is one that will affect not only her life and her family’s lives, but the entire nation as she struggles to find her place in life and fight for love.

Seo Hyun Jin as SolNan/Su Baek Hyang
Seo Woo as Sol-Hee /Su Baek Hyang’s younger sister
Jo Hyun Jae as Crown Prince Myung-Nong
Lee Jae Ryong as King Muryeong
Jun Tae Soo as Jin-Moo
What do I like about it: I really like the story. The writer is definitely spending the time to immerse you into the story. I like the fact that you see the hint of evil in the sister from the beginning so that you are not surprised by her actions from the beginning. I also like that you will see two different romances developing between the two evil and good siblings. Blessedly, no triangle!! Did the writer think of me for this drama? I hate sagueks for their romances because of this. This is definitely a treat! I also like that it is starting off light and comedic instead of the constant persecutions and strife that you are generally used to in these period dramas.


Drama series is set within the turbulent period between the Japanese colonial era and the division of Korea into North and South. Kang San is from a poor family. He struggles to get away from poverty. Through the game of basketball, he becomes successful and meets a girl from the upper class. He dreams of their love overcoming the disparity in their social standing

Do Ji Han as Kang San
Lee Elliya as Choi Shin Yeong
Jeong Dong Hyun as Min Chi Ho

What do I like about it: I like sports stories; period. I was mainly watching this because of Do Ji Han because he impressed me in Incarnation of Money so I was really excited with his lead here. But I must give big props to Jeong Dong Hyun. With this being his first role, I must say he is impressing me! Unfortunately, the one drawback of this drama is: I care nothing about the romance. I don’t even like the character, Shin Yeong, played by Lee Elliya. And that dislike has because evident with the last episodes I watched. Here’s hoping that they spend a little more time on the sport and less time on the nonsensical love triangle!

Medical Top Team
Medical Top Team

A drama about an elite medical team, a doctor team that draws only the best doctors from each area, fights to make miracles possible and trying to fare its way amidst a power struggle shaking up the hospital. This drama will center around Paran Hospital’s unpaid doctor Park Tae San, a skillful medical surgeon who has a warm heart but straightforward to a fault.

Joo Ji Hoon as Han Seung Jae
Kwon Sang Woo as Park Tae Shin
Jung Ryeo Won as Seo Joo Young

What do I like about it: I am a medical drama junkie!! If it is about medicine, I’ve seen it; however, if they go off into the world of politics, romance and other things that don’t have anything to do with medicine; that is when I lose interest. Admittedly, there are 2 reasons I’m still watching this: Joo Ji Hoon and Jung Ryeo Won! Period. If it was anyone else, I think I would probably have dropped it. It’s not that it is bad but I think the writer is drifting away from what should be the main focus: MTT. I believe, the bad ratings is simply because this drama is against two very popular dramas: Secret and Heirs. If you get past the occasional unnecessary story line, Bob’s Big Boy hair-do, it isn’t a really bad drama; not the best but not bad.

Other non-Korean dramas:
Umi no Ue no Shinryoujo aka Clinic on the Sea– Matsuda Shota and Takei Emi. Absolutely love this!! Shota is so cute when he is being funny!!
Doctor X 2-How could I NOT watch the sequel!???
Una Maid En Manhattan-the telenovela adaptation. I like it and it is my first Romance telenovela.

Plan to Watch Next
Empress Ki-Put on hold. I decided I liked SBH more and one saguek at a time is enough for me. Maybe once this is half done, I’ll get back to you. Impressed with the cinematography. Big love for HJW but not a fan for either male leads so I have no interest in the romance.
The Wang Family-I’ve already started this but I’m watching it on/off as it is another 50 episode drama.
Some dramas I might be watching off/on are not listed. Filler dramas as I like to call them..
Scandal: A Shocking And Wrongful Incident-Mostly because Kim Jae Won is in it. No other reason.
Vampire Heaven  (JDrama)
Itazura na Kiss- Love in Tokyo (Jdrama)
Deja Vu (TWDrama)

Yellow Boots aka Ice Adonis; here I come!! 5 weeks and counting!!

One thought on “What I’m Watching, November 2013 Edition

  1. I'm not watching any of what you listed above except Empress Ki that you're planning to watch next 😀 You make me more impatient to pick up Su Baek Hyang! Part of it because it's set during Baekje, an era in which I'm not that familiar with in sageuk and I'm interested to get to know about the era through the drama (blame my history geek side). I think you'll like Empress Ki, so far it's good and addicting! Not to mention that I've fallen for everyone's girl crush Ha Ji-won (again) and found a new way to appreciate Ji Chang-wook.

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