MGY and KB in Europe?

Moon Geun-yeong and Kim Beom seen in Europe

Moon Geun-yeong and Kim Beom were seen at an attraction site in Europe. Various pictures of the new couple were posted online recently and they are shown dressed casually, enjoying a backpacking trip on their own. They look like ordinary university students. Moon Geun-yeong wore comfortable clothes with her hair up and no make-up. Kim Beom is also wearing a casual jumper with black pants that matched those of hers. Netizens have seen this say, “They look so normal”, “She’s so natural”, “I want to go to Europe now” and more.

Meanwhile, Moon Geun-yeong and Kim Beom met in the recent MBC drama “Goddess Of Fire Jeongi” Kim Beom plans to promote his Chinese novel and Moon Geun-yeong is going through the script.

Source: and Hancinema

Well if you had any doubts, the picture above speaks volumes! Matching right down to the sneakers on their feet!!

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