Kim Beom, on the set of "Goddess Of Fire Jeongi"

Kim Beom from “Goddess Of Fire Jeongi, poses like a model

Kim Beom from the MBC drama “Goddess Of Fire Jeongi”, posed like a model on the drama site. In the picture, Kim Beom is sitting on a rock and gazing into the camera or posing like a Chosun model, looking chic.

He shows teamwork on site by massaging the shoulders of a fellow staff and carries out the action techniques in between scenes personally without using a stand-in.

Meanwhile, the revenge of Jeongi towards Lee Kang-cheon (Jeon Kwang-ryeol) and Kim Tae-do’s triggering of the revenge
Source: and Hancinema 

Maybe because I am such a fan of Moon Geun Young and Kim Beom, but I still like and am watching this faithfully. Nothing new really, that happens a lot of times. I feel like I am the only one still watching the drama. The story drifts from the pottery to the revenge but then when doesn’t one of these drama NOT focus on one subject? I think I would have LOVED this had it focused more on the pottery making but I still find it an easy watch and who can’t get enough of looking at Kim Beom and all that mane of glory?!!


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