First we had "Grandpa Over Flowers", now we have "Actresses"

New Show Styled like Grandpa Over Flowers called “Actresses”

After directing four veteran actors on two trips for “Grandpas over Flowers“, he has now invited four veteran actors including Yoon Yeo-jeong, Kim Ja-ok, Lee Mi-yeon, and Kim Hee-ae.

Producer Na Young-suk, who directed “Grandpas over Flowers” on cable channel tvN, is now directing the four veteran actresses on a trip. The show is tentatively named “Actresses “, and it will start filming this month in Korea.

In early November, members of the show will take a trip together to an overseas destination. The production team has not confirmed the travel destination. The show will be aired toward the end of next month. 
Currently watching Grandpas over Flowers and it is hysterical! Poor Lee Seo Jin! I loved him before but I will have total respect for him after this!! But who is going to be the patsy/guide?!! Maybe Ha Ji Min? She was in Switzerland at the time. Who else speaks English well that you can think of?!!

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