Kang Dong Won’s New "The X" movie

Kang Dong Won’s ‘The X’ releases mysterious looking movie poster

Korean short movie ‘The X’ (CGV Screen production) directed by Kim Jee Woon and starring Kang Dong Won and Shin Min Ah has recently revealed its movie poster.

To make the name of Kang Dong Won’s character ‘X’ stand out, the poster specially used X as the background with the silhouette making for a sharp contrast against it. The mysterious and convoluted atmosphere couldn’t hide the tension and nervousness, and left one really looking forward to seeing ‘The X’. The movie utilizes a new form of screening technology called ‘Screen X’ invented by CGV, and is thus drawing much attention already from the public.
‘Screen X’ is a change from the usual projection of the video onto a single screen. ‘Screen X’ is described as a multi-projection screen extending the original screen to its left and right walls. This new method will allow one to broaden their viewing angle, and at the same time enable them to enjoy an even more immersive experience.
‘The X’ will have its first screening at the upcoming 2013 (18th) Busan International Film Festival from October 3rd – 12th under the Gala Presentation program.
Source: omg.yahoo.com
My thoughts: If it’s Kang Dong Won, it’s a MUST-SEE for me!!


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