It’s Drama Christmas Time!! Kim So Eun lead in "Age of Feeling"

Coming to the Drama Screen Soon! November is TOO FAR Away!!
Cast of the Upcoming Drama “Age of Feeling”

O.M.G!! It’s like a drama dream come true!!! Not only do I get to see Kim Hyun Joong (who I personally love) but my girl, Kim So Eun (BOF, A Thousand Kisses, Horse Doctor) is joining the cast as the LEAD! FINALLY!! When I saw this news this morning, I literally had to stop what I was doing and do the “HAPPY DANCE”! This is making out to be the next “MUST-SEE” drama for me! I’ll leave The Heirs for everyone else; this is the one I’ll be waiting for. 
But wait for it, not only do I get to finally see Kim So Eun in the lead but….wait for it…..My Soo!! My Soo!! He is coming back to the screen! Yoon Hyun Min, so recently and completely winning my heart in Cruel City, has also been cast! Yes!! My heart skipped a beat on this little bit of news! Please! Please, writer-nim! Make him the bosom buddy for KHJ’s character! I’m just sitting her salivating as I imagine YHM in 1930’s clothing! O.M.G!! Now, if that wasn’t enough, they have added my sweetheart, Im Soo Hyang! I personally loved her in New Tales of Gisaeng but most of you probably know her from Iris 2 (sorry, I dropped that like it was hot!).
So November is looking better and better!! No, WAY BETTER!!


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  1. I haven't found more because I'm not sure which of the two will be paired with him. I thought I read somewhere Im Soo Hyang would be playing the old love interest but that doesn't mean anything at this stage. I'll keep digging!

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