Apocalyptic Film Starring None Other Than Song Kang Ho Coming This Summer!


Chris Evans
as Curtis
John Hurt as Gilliam
Tilda Swanson as Mason
Ed Harris as Wilford

Octavia Spencer as Tanya

Song Kang Ho  as Namgoong Min-Soo

Ko Ah Sung as Yo Na

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, a world war has ravaged the world which is now covered completely in snow. The only means for survival is to board the Transperceneige (snow train), but the train only has 1001 coaches. On the train, the poor wallow in misery in the lower decks, while the rich lives in decadence in the upper decks. Then their two worlds start to collide … ~~~ “Snowpiercer” is based on the French comic “Le Transperceneige” by Jacques Lob. Movie will contain roughly 50% Korean dialogue & 50% English. Pre-production has commenced. Art director Ryoo Seung-Hee and his team is working on the art design – front and back of the train, engine. Source: MyDramaList
My Thoughts: Imagine my surprise when my daughter says “I know you know who this Korean guy is?” I told you, “You Betcha!” How did this fly under my movie radar? I was totally surprised! What a way to introduce the ENglish speaking public to some great Korean actors, especially one like Song Kang Ho! I really believe as more and more movies and dramas are introduced to American streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu, I expect to see more and GREAT Korean actors like Kang Ho to “cross-over” to the Hollywood screen. Okay, my daughter said she has to see this, me too!
Images from the Film:

The Cast from Snowpiercer