Monster vs Haunters-Not Liking this at ALL!!




[by Joy Kim] South Korea’s two top actors Kang Dong won and Ko Soo’s epic super hero movie Haunters (2010) will be re-made in Japan. 
The movie will be directed by famous director Nakada Hideo from the horror movies series Ringu (1998), Dark Water (2002), L : Change the World (2008).
For the main characters, Japanese actor Fujiwara Tatsuya will play ‘Cho in’ played by Kang Dong won. Cho in has supernatural power to control people’s minds when they are within his field of sight, except one man. Fujiwara is well known for the movie series Death Note and Battle Royal, and popular TV drama Ai Nante Irane Yo, Natsu (2002). 
For the character of Gyu nam who is the only one who cannot be affected by Cho in’s power, will be played by Yamada Takayuki. The character was originally played by Ko Soo. Yamada Takayuki is famous for his films including Densha Otoko (2005) and TV series Byakuyako (2006). 
The re-make version of Haunters (2010) is named ‘MONSTER’ and start to shoot from July. The new film will be released in 2014. For the movie, top stars and staffs were recruited. The main producer of the movie Sato Takahiro left comments that he decided to re-make the movie because the original movie was so interesting. 
The original movie Haunters (2010) is a movie about two men with super power, one with a power to control people’s mind within his sight except one. After the movie was released in 2010, the movie was highly credited by the critics and scored over 2 million audiences. Also it was invited from 19 international film festivals through Europe and United States. (photo by bntnews DB) 
My Thoughts
Call me a fanatic KDW fan! Whatever! But, is there such a thing as too soon? Was this ever shown internationally!? I always have a problem with remakes because to me it signals a lack of creativity; however, this time, it’s more about how I cannot see a cast fitting a movie more so than anything else. Go Soo and Kang Dong Won were perfect for the roles they played in Psychic/Haunters! Perfect! Granted, I have not seen a lot of Fujiwara Tatsuya or Yamada Takayuki (who I have less a problem with, thanks to Gantz) but here’s hoping Nakada Hideo can bring the best out of them because at least he has the distinction of directing some of the scariest movies I’ve seen to date! No, I hardly watch scary/horror movies but I’ve seen everyone of his and remember them vividly! Taysuya, you have some serious shoes to fill!


3 thoughts on “Monster vs Haunters-Not Liking this at ALL!!

  1. you seriously didnt know who yamada takayuki is…..i watch alot of go soo and kang dong won….and his acting is better than those two combined…jsut watch milocrorze and you will know what I mean…

  2. We will see. Takayuki I have seen only in Taiyou no Uta and that is about it. I've never seen Tatsuya. My problem is the timing and my feelings on KDW as an actor probably match yours of Takayuki so this is strictly an opinion piece.

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