Thanks to All-Happy 2 Month Blogging Anniversary

I want to take the time to thank all of you that make time to visit my blog. I remember awhile back, I kept telling myself how I wish I could do that, write about the dramas that I love! I would never have guessed that I would actually do it. It turned out easier than I thought. What really surprised me is how well it has been received. Sure, it is still in its infancy and I don’t necessarily have a lot of followers but I am always pleasantly surprised when I look at the statistics and see who in the world is actually reading my blogs.
From the US to Canada; from Europe to Russia and lastly from the Asian continents to as far as Australia; THANK YOU ONE AND ALL!!
As promised, you will probably see more discussions on what others are NOT talking about. Just continue to pick and choose the blogs that interest you. As time goes on, I hope to get better and better: from grabbing screenshots to better writing. But without an audience, I am nothing. So again, many thanks to my friends everywhere and keep watching this spot; you never know what I might talk about!!
Currently Watching:
Mandate of Heaven
Special Affairs Team TEN Season 2
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Goddess of Fire
The Queen’s Classroom
Last Cinderella