The F4 We All Forget-Kim Jun Returns

Kim Jun from “Boys Over Flowers” to complete NS on the 28th

Actor Kim Jun, from the drama “Boys over Flowers” is done with National Service on June 28th. His new agency claims, “We made a deal based on faith and he is a part of Chang Company the moment he is done with the military”. Kim Jun debuted as an actor in the 2009 KBS 2TV drama “Boys over Flowers” starring Lee Min-ho and Koo Hye-seon. He was then also seen in drama “Detectives in Trouble“(Crime Squad) with Song Il Gook and Lee Jong Hyuk in early 2011.

Kim Jun joined the service in 2011 and served in the Seoul Police Department promotional team with Kim Dong-wook for two years. His agency claims, “Not only is he manly and exotic looking, he has an attractive voice and has lots of potential as an actor”.”He’s been getting various calls from domestic and foreign productions so he should be out in public very soon”.

Source: and Hancinema

 Yes, Kim Jun was the only F4 who’s career never really took over. It could be because his role was the most minor of the four but it was still a surprise when you compare it to the other actors from BOF in Korea as well as the actors from the Taiwanese and Japanese versions of the same drama. I saw Crime Squad and he was actually pretty good. He was also in I Can’t Stop with Lee Ji Hoon and a Japanese FujiTv production called Kimi no Kioku wo Boku ni Kudasai with Kim Jae Wook. I’m on the hunt for both of these, so far, no luck.

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