Drama Thoughts: Crazy Love-The first 40 Episodes (We watch so you don’t have to!!)

 Crazy Love- One of the Hardest Drama I’ve EVER Watched in my Drama History (Ep 1-40)

**Contains SPOILERS**

Park Sun Young as Yoon Mi So
Go Se Won as Seo Kyung Soo
Heo Tae Hee as Lee Min Jae
Choi Dae Hoon as Baek Jae Hyuk
Kim Yun Joon  as Han Na Young

Mi So

Episodes 1-40 shows you how crazy the households of both our future OTP, Mi So and Kyung Soo as well as introduces us to all of the characters in this drama. This is the first time ever that I’ve felt so sorry for both the male and female lead characters! As you watch these first episodes, you are hoping and praying that they will find happiness in the future.

Hae Ram and Mi So

Mi So loves her daughter, Hae Ram and is an amazing mother and daughter-in-law. The care she takes to maintain her family life despite the daily persecution by her MIL (Mother-in-law) is sad to watch. As I watched these episodes, my feelings have shifted from dismay, anger, sadness and downright disgust at Mi So and her acceptance of the treatment by her husband and especially by her MIL, the worse human being in the drama world.

Go Yoo Jung-Mi So’s MIL

Mi So’s MIL has the distinction of being the worse one I’ve ever seen! I’ve watch A LOT of these type of dramas and Kim Young Ran‘s portrayal of Go Yoo Jung is truly the worse! Her hatred and disrespect for her daughter-in-law as well as her indifference to her grand-daughter are stunning! Her constant yelling, screaming, complaining, more yelling, even louder screaming would drive most sane people INSANE!
Mi So is such a loving and caring doormat. I cannot classify her as anything else. The fact that I have to assume that this is the way a lot of Korean women live their lives in deference to their own happiness is amazing but this is one of the worse you’ll see.  She is constantly tormented by the loan sharks about her idiotic father’s debt. It is utterly amazing to see the loan shark hoodlums, take it to the level of harassing Mi So at her husband’s home. To say that the MIL doesn’t take the abuse to another level would be an UNDERSTATEMENT!

Min Jae-Mi So’s Husband

Min Jae’s existence as Mi So’s husband is…I have no words. From the very beginning, you get the feeling that he just ‘goes along to get along’; meaning, he really makes no efforts (or little) to protect his wife. His constant threats to move out are just that; threats. My opinion on him as a man in these first few episodes is pretty much dismal! By the end of this first 40 episodes, I really want the man to die! And to add insult to injury, the fool is having an extra-marital affair with none other than Na Young whose sole purpose in life is to totally ruin Mi So’s life!

Na Young

Na Young’s character has now put the character of Se Na from Rooftop Prince in the ‘pussycat’ category. Her pure hatred of Mi So is unbelievable and totally unreasonable. Everything is based on the fact that they were at the same orphanage and because of Jae Hyuk switching the records around and Mi So getting adopted instead of Na Young, she unreasonably blames her horrible life on Mi So. Sure, you say to yourself ‘HUH?’ The girls were around 5-6 years old but that shows you how screwed up Na Young is mentally and that becomes apparent in these first few episodes as she goes about destroying Mi So’s life.

Baek Jae Hyuk

Jae Hyuk’s character starts out a total mystery. He works as an enforcer for Kyung Soo’s FIL(Father-in-law) and to classify him as mean and uncaring, initially is about accurate. To watch him abuse Mi So and invade her home to ransack it for a loan payment was shocking!

Younger Baek and Eun Sun (Mi So)

But little does Jae Hyuk knows that Mi So is none other than Eun Sun, the little girl he cared for at the beginning from the orphanage. the girl he cared for so much that he switched records and helped her to get adopted. 

Poor, poor Baek, the realization really hurts!

Surprisingly, by episode 40, you have gone from hating his character to literally feeling sorry for him as he comes to realize Mi So’s real identity.

Oh Hae Ryung

Car Tantrum?

This is probably the most scariest woman in the drama world! Hae Ryung has been responsible for the dismissal of her husband from the prosecutor’s office, a countless number of women quitting because of her abuse and rabid jealousy. There just is not enough adjectives/synonyms for the word, “scary” to describe this woman.

Office Tantrum?

Bedroom Tantrum? (I could do this all day!)

The abuse she subjects to Kyung Soo is legendary!! I don’t know if she is manic, psychotic, crazy or just plain off her meds!! Her attempts to get pregnant worry me to no end. If there is a poster child for why people shouldn’t have children, this woman would be their number one model.

Kyung Soo

Last but not least is doormat number two, Kyung Soo. Why do I call him a doormat? It is bad enough he puts up with the abuse and disrespect from his father-in-law; however, the abuse he endures from his wife is amazing and most of the time, unnecessary. From the beginning, you cannot understand why this obviously handsome and smart man stays with this woman; I still don’t understand.

Mi So and Kyung Soo

It takes 40 episodes for him to finally say enough is enough. His obvious feelings for Mi So become apparent almost immediately but at least we get a declaration of love (sort of) within the first 40 episodes as well as soul-stirring kiss between the two. If there are two people that deserve to be together, it’s him and Mi So.

Now Here is Where the Story Gets Rough
 These are definitely spoilers to the story-line so far. As I’ve stated, I have seen a lot of these super-melos as I like to call them before but never have I seen subject matter like this. Here are some examples:

1. Adultery of the worse kind. A husband knowingly and willfully having an affair with a subordinate at work and then continuing said relationship even after his wife finds out.
2. A Mother-in-law who initially encourages said adulterous relationship to the point of making plans with the woman to replace the wife; all with the wife standing there.
3. MIL abuse on STEROIDS! The constant screaming of this actress is unheard of. I’m amazed she still has a voice after 40 episodes.
4. One of the most disgusting kidnapping (and possibly murder) ever to be seen! No, I refuse to say what, just in case you are watching.
5. A father who you have no sympathy for his current situation. Mi So’s father is the picture of a loser you would see in the dictionary; totally useless man.
6. A man and woman, you so desparately what to see have happiness together but with only 40 episodes gone so far, you know you have a long way to go.
7. A character whose revenge you want to see to be death at the end. Na Young deserves to die; it’s as simple as that.
8. A woman who GPSs her husband’s phone and car because she has to know where he is at all times. If that doesn’t work, just follow him!

Thanks to Jules, we now have a source for reading a recap of Crazy Love (Asian Addicts Anonymous).  It is so rare to find someone that actually does a drama this long but so far the recaps are great and represent an outlet for myself and others who are currently watching this drama to vent.

This drama is such an emotional one, I only watch it every 2 weeks. I don’t think my emotions can take more than that. Overall, I don’t have a complaint about the acting but with most dramas of 100+ episodes, as usual, they tend to drag when you don’t want them to. But as a glutton for punishment, I have no intentions of stopping!! Stay tuned for the next 40 episodes! And just enjoy the tweets as me and console each other as we watch.

7 thoughts on “Drama Thoughts: Crazy Love-The first 40 Episodes (We watch so you don’t have to!!)

  1. A very nice summary of 40 episodes! I found myself nodding along and completely agreeing. lol.I was also quite alarmed that Crazy Wife was trying to get pregnant. That is one woman who does NOT need to reproduce. Her mental scenes are so many now that it's just getting annoying. Kyung Soo needs to find someway to disengage from that whole family…but I think that will be impossible if the hints about Mi So are to be believed.Thanks for stopping by AAA and commenting on Crazy Love. 🙂 I always love meeting new people with to commiserate over dramas 😛

  2. Yes! Now that we have an outlet, you'll see me pop up from time to time!! I needed you when that whole Hae Ram stuff was happening! I couldn't believe the writers went there!!

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