Ahn Yong Joon joins Lee Joon Ki in the August drama, Two Weeks

Latest Addition to the Cast of Two Weeks-Ahn Yoon Joon

Ahn Yoon Joon

It is reported that Ahn Yong Joon will be joining the cast of the new MBC drama “Two Weeks“. Ahn Yong Joon’s entertainment agency, has stated that the final decision has been made.

Two Weeks,” a drama about a man accused of murder who also has a daughter suffering from leukemia who he becomes aware of her existence recently. Lee’s character is struggling to save his daughter. The story is the work of Green Works ‘Brilliant Legacy’, ‘Prosecutor Princess’, ‘My daughter is Seo’ and will be directed by the Son Hyeong Seok is anticipated.

Ahn Yong Joon  is best known for his roles in Monster  as Jang Pan Soo, God’s Quiz 1and 2 as the sadistic serial killer, Ha Joon and in Jumong as Jumong’s son, Yuri (which is where I first saw him and loved him!!). He has also starred in the drama, ‘Jeon WooChi‘, and ‘Comrade‘.
The highly anticipated ‘Two Weeks‘ (by me and any fan of Lee Jun Ki) will follow ‘The Queen’s Classroom‘ and is expected to be broadcast in August. 

This is great news!! Because anyone that has seen him in Jumong and especially in the God’s Quiz dramas, know how talented this young (okay, believe it or not, he is 25!!) man is!! Cannot wait!!


2 thoughts on “Ahn Yong Joon joins Lee Joon Ki in the August drama, Two Weeks

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  1. Ooh is that his name, I loved him too in Jumong and sometimes I repeat the episodes where he appears.Thats his best role so far, others have not been so impressive. I think he is also in Capital Scandal!Will watch Two weeks for sure now, thanks Bel

  2. I thought I was the only one in the world who repeated ep 73-81 JUST to see him!! That's how much of an impact he made on the drama for that short time! I complained how they should have introduced his character earlier!!

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