Who’s Excited with me?!! Lee Jun Ki’s New Drama, Two Weeks Coming in August, 2013

New Drama for Lee Jun Ki

Two Weeks

Lee Joon-Gi  as Jang Tae-San 
Kim So-Yeon as Prosecutor Park Jae-Kyung 
Park Ha-Sun as Seo In-Hye 
Song Jae-Rim as the killer
Network: MBC (which guarantees it will be on Hulu and most likely DramaFever)
Will be shown: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55; replacing The Queen’s Classroom

A man (played by Lee Jun-Ki) lives his life meaninglessly. He is falsely accused of murder. The man learns that he has a young daughter stricken with leukemia. For the next two weeks, he struggles to save his daughter.

Why am I excited? BECAUSE IT’S LEE JUN KI!! I’ve admitted to everyone that he is my number one drama love (Kang Dong Won for movies)! I remember last year when it was announced that he was going to do Arang and the Magistrate with Shin Min A, I was thrilled! So imagine my reaction when almost a year later, they announce his return to what I feel is his best and strongest performances in the action/drama genre. After watching A Time Between Dog and Wolf; action is what he does best! Kim So-Yeon, even though I did not care for The Great Seer, I did like her performance in Prosecutor Princess, so I’m looking forward to watching their relationship develop. Park Ha-Sun and Song Jae-Rim, I know the least about them. Even though I started Ad Genius Lee Tae-Baek, I know nothing about Ha-Sun; unfortunately, everything Jae-Rim has been in, I’ve never finished but I won’t hold that against him. As far as the relationships between the characters, stay tuned. As soon as more information is released, I’ll definitely let you know.

August? Hurry up and come!!

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