My Weekend with Kang Dong Won!

My Weekend with My Number One: Kang Dong Won

Yes, I admit it. I have a HUGE crush on Kang Dong Won. I even know when it started. I watched the drama, 1% of Anything and it was by chance. I had just finished watching Sorry I Love You last year and I really needed to peak my spirits after being thoroughly depressed by that drama. I happened across this and watched it in 2 days! I thought it was quirky and such a cute story as the two main characters developed feelings for each other. I also highly recommend it. 
Then what happens? Jules, one of my tweet buddies, writes an article called The Thursday Three and asks the question: which are your top 3 comfort kdramas? Of course, the first thing that came to my mind was this drama. So, what began as a weekend of Revenge dramas and movies, turned into a weekend with my sweetie, Kang Dong Won. 
1% of Anything
 So I began to re-watching 1% of Anything.  The first 10 episodes were done and done.
Voice of a Murderer

I interrupted my re-watch and watched a movie called Voice of a Murderer. Like other reviewers will say, this is a movie never to be seen twice! As this is a true story, you go in knowing that and the events that lead up to little Sang Woo’s (the boy in the movie) kidnapping, it makes ask yourself the question: What would you do? Would you allow your child to stay so long outside? Would you never check on your child who is at the playground right outside your window

This movie definitely brings out the questions AND the tears. The ending when Sang Woo’s Dad, played by Sol Kyung Gu is on the air; never will I need to see those emotions as well as the pain and sorrow emitted by both parents throughout the movie again.  

 Even though Kang Dong Won only played the voice of the murderer, believe me when I say, you will never forget him. What was really frightening was at the end, they played the actual voice recordings of the murderer and his tone and resonant was definitely recreated by Kang Dong Won This is definitely not a movie that would attract everyone to see. But I must say it was a GREAT movie!!

Alas, I returned to 1% of Anything, I could not stay away and went on to watch the next 16 episodes (yes, this drama is 26 episodes) to again finish it in 2 days.
Our Happy Time (Maundy Thursday)
 Next, I watched Our Happy Time.  Yes, definitely a watch one time movie for me! This told a story! It told a story of what can go wrong in life and when you get those single moments of hope in life at the end. This wasn’t really about redemption but more about recognizing that there is forgiveness. Kang Dong Won as Yun-Soo was flawless. 

He portrayed Yun-Soo as starting out, a angry and hurt young man facing death to a man who finally knew what love was again. Lee Na Young as Yun-Jung was marvelous! Simply marvelous! Here was a woman who had attempted suicide 3 times! But when you find out the reason later in the movie, it helps you to understand this tortured soul. 

These two were so mentally tortured, they truly were able to heal each other. As Yun-Soo says at the end, to Sister Monica (played by my favorite actress, Yoon Yeo Jeong), you sent me an angel. Warning, this is not a movie for everyone but if you are a Kang Dong Won fan, this is a MUST-SEE.

One last thing, telling a prisoner that is about to face death that they have a visitor, not sure what to think about that. Maybe, it’s the Korean system’s way to let them know what it feels like to suffer an unexpected death. What do you think?


Last movie was M. I’ve been looking for this for a long time. This movie was a cinematographer’s dream! The use of lighting during a lot of the scenes was amazing. 

From sunlight, to moonlight; every single type of lighting was used. There was one scene in a bar where, at first you see nothing but darkness and you hear Min Woo (Kang Dong Won) narrating in the background but then suddenly, his image fades into the screen as if the sun is slowly shining on him in the darkness. The Director and Camera Men were very, very clever. I have to admit, this movie is very film noir. I kept getting the Sin City vibes as I watched. There was a scene where Min Woo lifts his head to the camera and the scene so reminded me of this scene with Elijah Wood:

And let’s not forget the use of mirrors and shadows. I think any student of film MUST see this film! Not only will they appreciate it but they will definitely recognize the genius of the cinematographer! Again, this film is very, very artsy! But one thing it shows you, is the amazing acting ability of Kang Dong Won! If nothing else, Kang Dong Won in glasses is a sight to see!

Other Kang Dong Won Movies you MUST-SEE:
(and if you ever find Camelia, let me know!!)
w/Kim Han Neul

He plays simply an adorable guy!

w/Jo Han Sun and Lee Chung Ah

He plays a High School student.

w/Ha Ji Won

He plays a mysterious assassin called ‘Sad Eye’ (They sizzle together!!)

Jeonwoochi : The Taoist Wizard

He plays a Taoist wizard!




w/Song Kang Ho

Secret Reunion

He plays a ex-North Korean spy!





He plays a REALLY sadistic character!