Movie Review-The Scent (2012)

The Scent

Park Hee Soon as Kang Sun Woo
Park Si Yeon as Soo Jin
Joo Sang Wook as Detective Han Gil Ro
Kim Jeung Tae as Detective Seo
Lee Han Wie as Chief Detective Sa
Lee Kwang Soo as Gi Poong (Sun Woo’s assistant)

Genre: Murder/Suspense/Comedy
Rating: R nudity, language, violence; you name it, it’s got it!

Popcorn Ratings

Movie Synopsis: A detective Seon-woo, who moonlights as a private investigator, has a beautiful new client Soo-Jin. The woman asks the detective to take photos of her husband in the midst of having an affair with another woman. When the detective goes to take pictures he discovers that the woman’s husband is already dead. Now the detective becomes a suspect. The detective is chased by another detective Gil-ro. He must now set out for the real killer. Written by Stanislav S, Sochi, Russia

So What’s Good About It: This movie had a little bit of everything: sex, violence, murder, suspense, and believe it or not: comedy. 

This was my first Park Hee Soon experience and I must say it was a good one. The story starts out one way and before you know it, its flipped to a who-done-it or how did they do it movie! Park Si Yeon as the sexy wife? No words! 

And my sweetie, Joo Sang Wook was more of a supporting cast but I enjoyed his character throughly. He was tough and oh-so straitlaced compared to our Sun Woo (Park Hee Soon’s character).

How can I not mention Gi Poong! Not only is he Sun Woo’s side-kicks but his antics and scenes are basically funny, funny, funny! I loved his quirky character!

The nice, little final twist at the end? Loved it!  From start to finish, a very, enjoyable movie. 

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