Una Amor, Una Venganza (Love and Revenge MonteCristo): My first Telenovela

One Love, One Revenge MonteCristo

Story Plot: The story begins in 1995 as Santiago Díaz Herrera is hurt while fencing with his best friend Marco Lombardo. Marco wants to bring Santiago back to Buenos Aires but his father, Alberto, commands him to leave Santiago in a Moroccan jail, and Santiago is declared dead. Eleven years pass, and in 2006 Santiago returns to Buenos Aires seeking revenge on the Lombardos for their crimes to himself, his father and other people who have stood in their way over the decades.

Background: When Dramafever started uploading Spanish speaking telenovelas and branched into providing spanish-language content dramas; I was excited! I remember living at home in Connecticut and we always had Spanish speaking television for as long as I can remember. If you remember your first time watching a soap-opera; the telenovela always reminded me of them. However, what I did not expect with the introduction of the Spanish dramas to Dramafever were the absolutely nasty comments from viewers. Here are some examples:

I subscribe to this site specifically because it shows Kdrama I do not want to see latino!!!!!!

It does look great and all but it seems out of place on this website since this should be mainly focus on Asian Dramas. Not to be racial at all but maybe have another website to upload Latino Dramas. 

I truly appreciate DF for making Asian dramas available to international fans. It is for this reason, that I must say I am not interested in watching telenovelas (they are a dime-a-dozen on cable tv) in a place that is supposed to spread knowledge of Asian dramas/culture (we are underrepresented in the media as it is!). Perhaps you were testing the water with this one, but I speak for many of us when we say, we are not interested.

get a grip and stop offering these inferior selections. There are many many spanish speaking stations on tv that offer this junk constantly. On the other hand there are NO stations that are affordable that offer Kramas. 

I swear, some of the worse ones must have been removed because they are no longer there. I had hoped that Dramafever bloggers or the podcast would have addressed this after I had suggested it a couple of times, but alas, no one heard me. So I decided to do it myself.

I realize this was a chance for Dramafever to diversify and expand their subscriber base; I am quite sure it was a strategic marketing move and I am one whose glad they did. For those who just don’t ‘get’ it, I suggest you leave and find another site!! One of the things that I love about Viki is their diversity! I can watch Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean as well as American, Russian, Filipino shows and movies! I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these same people also watch shows on Viki. I will just like to think they are just plain, ole ignorant; simply as that. 

What I like about the drama:  For starters, I think I have seen every single movie and story about MonteCristo; this is my very first Spanish one. Sure, the story is not identical to the Count of Monte Cristo story that we all grew up with but the basic premise of revenge is still there. Another thing I like about the story is the cast:

Pablo Echarri  as Santiago Diaz Herrera

Seriously, this is one handsome man! And he does the role very nicely; very!


 Joaquin Furriel  as Marco Lombardo

His character is so deep, you’re not sure if you should hate him or like him; sometime it’s both with me!


 Paola Krum  as Laura Saenz

Her role being the woman between the two men is really complex. For one, she marries one when she thought the other was dead. Yeah, bad move but you can kind of understand her logic.

45 episodes in, this has to be the most complex drama I’ve seen in awhile. Watching as Santiago painstakingly plans his revenge on Marco and his father has been well thought out and concise. But as with most revenge stories, there is always twists and turns and this is no exception. 


But I must say, the character of Lisandro has to be the most twisted human being ever to be depicted in a drama. This old man thinks nothing of life, his family; the only one he seems to care about is Marco’s father Alberto. And that man only cares about himself!



Overall, I am digging this drama! I must like it, I’ve been watching and waiting for subs since early Fall last year! I am determined to finish these last 38 episodes during my vacation. Call me crazy, I’m just an international person who loves all kinds of dramas!! Don’t be surprised when my next writing is about my first Filipino drama, Only You (Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin)!!

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