Things that Make You Go Hmmm Moment-She is Wow

She is Wow

First Openly Gay Relationship in a Korean Drama?

Is tvN Pushing the Proverbial Envelope with She is Wow?
Oh Hyun Kyung as Jo Ah Ra
Park Sung Woong as Gong Jeong Han
Kwon Se In as Ji Seong Gi
Jung Jin Young as Gong Minkyu
Han Jung Soo  as Choi Go Ya

SPOILER alertCall me crazy! I’ve watched a lot of dramas! A lot!! But of all of the dramas I’ve watched, there has only been characters that we could say were homosexual. Lee HoYa as Kang Jun Hee in Reply 1997 or Bae Soo Bin as Sa Yong in Jumong. I probably could think of a lot more movies than dramas! But even though these characters were obviously homosexual, there was one subtle difference; you never saw them openly in a relationship! Sa Yong’s relationship with Hyop-Bo was only eluded to; never seen. Jun Hee’s boyfriend at the end was only a figure in a red sports car; you never actually got to see him. So, my question to is you is, “Is tvN pushing the Proverbial Button when it comes to relationships in dramas?

What do you think?