I ♥ Glass Mask Korean Drama

I ♥ Glass Mask Korean Drama 

My first daily drama obsession!! I started off absolutely loving this drama!! Even though people will shy away because it has 122 episodes, for the first 100 episodes, it was not boring one minute! Also, at 30-35 minute episodes, it goes real fast and you constantly want more.

The young child actress, Jung Da Bin and Ahn Eun Jung did an outstanding job, especially Jung Da Bin as the the tortured Yi Kyung! What a consummate actress she will be in the future, I cannot wait!
The acting has been phenomenal of the 4 main characters, especially Seo Woo and Kim Yun Seo as Kang Yi Kyung and Kang Seo Yeon, respectively. And there has always been something about Lee Ji Hoon as I’ve always loved his characters, maybe not the dramas. This was also my first introduction to Park Jin Woo.
Here is my review from mydramalist:
I had to think long and hard before writing this review. This was my first daily drama! And to add the element of revenge to it was gold! The child acting in the first few episodes was superb! When I first started the drama, I could only watch a few episodes at a time because it was a story line hard to watch because of the sheer meanness of some of the characters towards the lead Kang Yi Kyung played by Seo Woo. The things that her family did and allowed was amazing. I have to say that the writer(s) did a wonderful job the first 100 episodes; however, the last 22 episodes were either unnecessary or just plain filler; leading us to an ending that was rushed beyond belief!.

Acting: I have to give high props to both Seo Woo (Kang Yi Kyung) and Kim Yeo Seo (Kang Seo Yeon). These two women did an excellent job in making you love and hate them. The things Seo Yeon did to her sister, wow! I cannot give anything else away on that.

The two male leads, Lee Ji Hoon (who I love) and Park Jin Woo were at best decent. It was my first experience with Park Jin Woo, such a handsome guy and I look forward to see more of him in the future. But gangster/ex-prosecutor Kim Seon Jae (Lee Ji Hoon), it can’t get any better than that!

Overall, unless you have hours and hours to invest, these short 30-35 minutes will sweep you into a story of family, revenge, and murder unlike any you have seen before (okay, Crazy Love and Yellow Boots is next)!!

I loved this drama so much, I collected every picture that I could find from tvN! Pinterest Glass Mask Collection

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  1. I just couldn't with this drama and I cant exactly pinpoint why. I love daily dramas with revenge plotlines..(Yellow Boots was amazing)the crazier the better but something was off putting. I think my tolerance for the female lead was low. Love that you are tackling these type of off the radar dramas.

  2. Yeah, if you never made it past ep 42, I could understanding Yi Kyung was maddening up til then. But I really like this kind now and find myself watching more and more of them! Watching 4 now: Ugly Alert, Crazy Love, Thorn Flower, and Guam Heo Jun (not a revenge). Now I must learn Korean so I can help translate more of them1

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